The Importance of Having Visitor Visa Insurance in Times of Emergency

As a visitor to Canada, it’s imperative that you have visitor visa insurance especially in times of emergency. If you don’t have health insurance, you will be taking a huge chance and risk. While medical care across the nation is free, this applies only to people with a health card proving that they have medical insurance.

Immigrants that arrive in Canada only receive this card once they have been in the country for three months. Without health insurance, a person who is not a citizen of Canada must pay for his own treatment. These costs are exorbitant and not affordable for the average person. Here are some of the types of costs you could expect to pay if anything should happen and you don’t have the insurance to cover the costs:

Walk-in clinics – If you an accident or are not feeling well, you can visit a walk-in clinic to see a doctor. No appointments are necessary in most cases and you’ll have to wait in line. You’ll pay a lot less for an appointment here and for any treatment received than you would in an emergency room at the hospital.

Canadian hospitals – The average cost of spending a day in a hospital in Canada is approximately $4,000. If you need a simple surgery this will run you about $20,000 while a consultation fee for a doctor would be anywhere from $100 up to $250. You would also be charged for any x-rays, treatments and medication. Along with hospital and doctor services, the cost of pharmaceuticals in Canada is extremely high.

Without proper Canadian healthcare coverage, you’re simply taking a risk that could end up costing you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The easiest way to avoid these costs is to make sure that you have health coverage before planning any trip into the country. You’ll also require medical insurance if you are applying for a Super Visa insurance to visit relatives in Canada.

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