Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Anyone that is visiting Canada from abroad should have medical coverage. This includes visitors such as foreign students, immigrants, Canadians that don’t have provincial health insurance and other visitors. Canada has an amazing health care system but if you find yourself needing medical care without insurance, you’ll find that the price is extremely high. For example, just staying in the hospital for one day in this country can cost more than $3,000. 

It’s a lot easier to plan for an emergency ahead of time than it is to scramble at the last minute to handle one. Any traveler that is just coming to Canada for a visit needs to have insurance for his own protection. As well, private insurance should be purchased by the following groups of individuals:

1. Ex-pats – Canadian ex-pats that are returning to the country need insurance. Most will be subjected to a waiting period before their health plans go back into effect.

2. New immigrants – Most new immigrants have to wait for three months before they become part of a provincial health plan.

3. International students – Any international student must have private health care insurance in place while studying in Canada.

Insurance for Visitors Coverage

Health insurance for visitors to Canada provides medical coverage on an emergency basis for accidents or sickness. There are some exemptions, however, and many policies will not cover you if the injury or sickness is due to criminal activity, alcohol or drug use, kidnapping or terrorism or if you have been traveling against the orders of your physician. It’s always important to take a look at the entire policy, including the exclusion list, before your travels to find out exactly what you are covered for.

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