Can I Renew my Health Insurance in Canada

If you have decided to visit Canada and are in a position where you are able to stay longer, you’ll need to renew or extend your traveler’s health insurance while on a visitor visa insurance. Many people find that they end up staying longer than expected for a variety of reasons. If this applies to you, find out how to extend or renew your insurance and find out when it’s important to do so.

Understand Your Options

When you first sign up for travel health insurance in Canada it’s important to look at the policy first to understand what the conditions are for getting an extension. Every insurance company has different policies in place and many companies simply will not provide an extension once the policy has expired.

When to Renew Your Health Insurance

The most important thing that you need to understand about extending or renewing your travel insurance is it must be done before your current policy expires. Whether you are staying in the country for reasons of your own or because of a situation beyond your control, you’ll need to get the extension sorted out before the expiration date. After it has expired, you will probably find that other conditions must be met to make sure that the eligibility requirements are fulfilled or you may just be turned down.

How to Extend Travelers Insurance in Canada

It’s quite easy to extend your insurance when it is done in a timely manner. Simply call or email the company that is providing your insurance. The customer service agent will let you know what to do next. In most cases, a simple phone call will take care of it quickly and easily.

Don’t Risk It!

Don’t run the risk of losing out on health insurance and having to cut your trip short as a result! Call to renew your insurance asap! It only takes a few minutes of your time and it is something that you can’t be without!

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